Three Kids and a Dog

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I don't remember how old I am anymore. And, I can't actually remember when that started happening either. Maybe somewhere around my mid 30s. The fact is that birthdays are just a number and if you start thinking about how old you are or how much life you have left to live then you just start missing life. I don't want to miss any of it, especially as I begin a new year. 

I do remember enough to know it wasn't a milestone birthday for me but it was the beginning of a milestone for me. A new path to follow in life where before I had been straddling two paths. How much easier to follow only one. To worry about only one. I have often said that straddling both paths was always easier. I'm not so sure that's true anymore. For what I had been doing was hard. I see how hard it was now and I have no idea how I kept it up for so long.  Or maybe I do know. It was a lot of stamina, support and rushing around. I don't want to rush around anymore. I want to enjoy this life, this time. 

So hear's to a new year, a vacation to kick it off (Arizona compliments of the parents) and being in each and every moment from this point forward.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Hailey's Personality

Well, she definitely has one. Not sure she will be meek and mild as we originally thought either. She has taken to "squealing" either in delight or annoyance. It largely depends on which sibling is close by. Can you guess?!  She voices her dissatisfaction at something routinely like getting her diaper changed or sitting in her car seat or stroller.

She definitely has an obsession with electronics but not the kid kind. She wants the real thing like our TV remotes. We have two - one fake and one real. Actually, the fake one is real it just doesn't have batteries in it. Regardless she knows because it doesn't light up. 

And, forget pulling out your phone or iPad either in front of her. She will be so demanding wanting to play with it that none of us dares try to multitask when we're with her. Austen and Peyton even  retreat to another room to do homework or play an app on the iPad.

 So what does Hailey want for Christmas? You guessed it. I only want her to have one so she stops using mine!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Trick or Treat

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last posted. I don't think I have ever not posted for this long but life seems to have gotten so busy these last few weeks that sometimes it feels like I am drowning in my personal to do list. I will whittle that down at some point but need to give myself a little break.

But, I certainly didn't want to deprive you of any updates on Halloween. It was a very busy but fun day. I don't think I have been that tired in a long time! 

Austen's school had a Halloween parade after they returned from lunch at home (so they could put on their costumes). From there we went right into classroom parties and since I am one of the room moms for Aisten's class, I got to help out. From there we raced home to grab Tom and Peyton and Hailey for our first decked out neighborhood party. Austen saw all of his friends so after eating an early dinner they were off running up and down our street together. At 7, I never envisioned Austen leaving us to trick or treat at this early age but we didn't want to deny him trick or treating with his friends either. Next time we will have to set some ground rules first like where to meet before dark and what to do if your candy bag overflows (it did)!

Since Austen was off with his friends and it was still pretty cold, Tom took Hailey home for a bit to hand out candy while I did a bit if trick or treating with Peyton. Afterwards, we finally met up with Austen and attended our second neighborhood party of the day. 

Hailey loved being pulled around in the wagon and seeing all the trick or treaters. Can't wait to see her running around next year!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Adler's New Best Friend

Adler has a new best friend. Her name is Hailey. How did this happen you ask? It is really quite simple. Hailey feeds her. 

Out of all three of my kids, there hasn't been one that was so blatant about feeding Addie from her high chair as Hailey. In fact, Hailey rather enjoys it. She will ever so carefully pick up a morsel of food and then either launch it off of her high chair to the floor or let Adler take it right out of her hand. Then she looks at us and giggles! Unbelievable. She definitely has a bit of naughtiness behind that sweet little personality!

Here she is caught in the act!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy First Birthday Hailey!

It was a birthday weekend for our little Hailey who turned one on Saturday. We were hoping to do her birthday party on her actual birthday but her brother's soccer game trumped her poor party. But as she will come to learn as she gets older, it's always better to stretch out your birthday for as long as possible!

So she started off on Saturday, celebrating with a few presents from Mommy, Daddy, Austen, Peyton and Adler. She much preferred to peek in bags than rip open the wrapping paper too. She then spent the morning and afternoon at a few soccer games before attending the birthday party of my friend's little boy who turned 2.

Sunday was a great day. The weather was almost perfect for an indoor/outdoor party (despite a few sprinkles) and Hailey got to enjoy her day with friends and family.

I clearly did not like the jumpy house. But, neither did Austen or Peyton until they were much older.

I do like playing play ball in the yard and I got to do that on my birthday so it was a great day!

She is eating big people food now but didn't appreciate the spicy chicken!

Why are all these people singing and clapping? Austen is clearly excited about something though.

Yum, my very own cake. I didn't know what to make of it though and I didn't destroy it or eat very much of it!

Presents! I liked opening the presents in bags.

Is it over yet? I'm ready for bed!

Monday, October 06, 2014

My Little Pumpkins

Recently, I tried to remember what pumpkin patch we went to last year. When I couldn't recall I asked Tom and we deduced that we never made it to the pumpkin farm last year. That in and of itself was big for us. Tom and I would go to the pumpkin farm before kids. To deprive our kids of that last year meant we must have had other big things going on. Oh wait. We did. Shuttling our kids back and forth to school and activities in the suburbs from the city, preparing to move and of course giving birth to Hailey! 

So this year we couldn't deny them. We returned to our favorite pumpkin patch in Barrington, which was bigger and better than we remembered.

The kids picked pumpkins.

Took pictures with their favorite characters.

Mined for rocks.

Measured themselves.

Went for a hay ride by a haunted barn. Austen remembered this and scared Peyton about it since he used to be terrified of it. Good thing this year they didn't go through the barn! 

Peyton was running scared that day as she was even hesitant to ride her pony, Razzle.

But she was happy again when we bought a black cat ornament for our lawn and all three little pumpkins were happy again.

The End.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Adler's New Spot and an Austen Update

Things are almost back to normal at our house after an eventful last week. Austen continued to play flag football and soccer (two games for soccer) this past weekend. Not sure that cast had any affect on his performance as he had a touchdown and two interceptions during football. Soccer he played up one level with the older kids and still scored two goals. For his own team, he led them to a significant win, scoring four goals. I would say there hasn't been any change in his performance on either field!

As for Adler, there has been a change in her sleeping spot. I couldn't figure out why my newly carpeted stairs looked like they hadn't been vacuumed when my cleaning ladies had clearly just been there. It took me a few more days before I caught on that Adler had selected a new spot to sleep. It's a unique spot, halfway up our front stairs on a landing. It's also a dangerous spot for us as she is in the way as we go up and down the stairs. But she clearly looks comfortable since she can hear what's going on downstairs as well as upstairs from her new location.

I just hope she doesn't fall down the stairs if she rolls over in her sleep or causes us to fall down the stairs. We don't need anymore injuries at our house!